Why is Alexandra Botez so Popular?

Jul 11, 2021 Celebrity

Alexandra Botez was born in America on September 24, 1995. She is a Canadian chess player, commentator, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer. She became a US Girls Champion in chess five times and successfully won US Girls nationals at the age of 15. In March 2016, she secured an excellent rating of 2092. Therefore, today as well, she holds the title of Woman FIDE Master. She began to stream her chess classes in 2016 when she was a student at Stanford University, which caught the attention of many people. This is shared in her bio link.

How did Alexandra Botez become popular?

There’s a top-rated channel on YouTube named Botez live. On this channel, Botez uploads all her chess games. She is famous because she has been the president of the chess club at Stanford University. Moreover, due to her massive success in chess, Alexandra Botez appeared on CBS as a chess entertainer. Therefore, Alexandra Botez comes under the top 10 female chess players in Canada.

With the help of her sister, Alexandra Botez manages both her YouTube channel and Twitch. Together the two sisters have gained 700,000 followers. In her bio link, Botez has mentioned how she managed to encounter gender diversity. Moreover, she is famous as she was elected by the BOD (Board of Directors) of Susan Polgar Foundation, a non-profit foundation. This foundation has the aim of breaking all the gender discrimination that becomes an obstacle in the game.

In addition to her successes, Botez got the chance of winning US Girls Nationals when she was fifteen years old. Her prominent was her winning of Canadian national championship in 2004 when she was only eight years old. Soon after, she participated in more competitions and won four more Canadian youth titles in 2010. She also represented Oregon two times in 2013 by achieving the Woman FIDE Master title norm. One more reason for being famous is that she earned a full-ride Chess scholarship at Oregon high school. Because of this scholarship, she had the option to go to the University of Texas Dallas. However, she decided to give time to her academics and took International Relations as her subject at Stanford University.

When Botez graduated in 2017, she spent some time serving as a chess commentator. Moreover, due to her intellectual skills, she won the 2018 and 2019 PRO Chess League Finals. Hence, her FIDE Elo rating was 2059 as of April 2021. This gave her a position in the top 10 Canadian female players.

Being inspired by Alexandra Botez’es chess skills, a Netflix-based series, “The Queen’s Gambit” was released in 2020. This movie made people curious to know about the real Alexandra Botez. Furthermore, Botez loves to play chess with an adaptive and aggressive. Her 2016’s game is famous as she showed her attacking style against her opponent Anzel Solomons in 2016.

To sum it all up, Alexandra Botez became famous because of her extraordinary skills in chess and the way she promoted her skills on YouTube and Twitch. Achieving a status like Botez is not easy. It requires a lot of striving. Therefore, being famous is not easy as one has to maintain that reputation. Alexandra Botez’es skills will forever be appreciated, especially because she was successful as a young chess player.