What Instagram Accounts To Follow For Healthy Lifestyle

Feb 23, 2022 Best Rest, Celebrity

With obesity and health issues being at an all-time high not only in the US but all over the world, people are more conscious about what they are putting in their mouths. In this article, we will be looking into Instagram accounts that are helping the population live their best lives from a healthy perspective.

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JS Health

If you are looking for how to find inspiration for social media posts, there is no better account to go to than JS Health. Approximately a quarter of a million followers clearly agree with us. Jessica Sepel is the owner of the JS Health account and has established herself as a nutrition expert. She has also created an eight-week program that is designed to answer all your questions about weight, food, and your body.

In her account, Jessica also reveals the tricks and tips that she has used over the years to help her transform her life.

Purely Twins

As the name suggests, this health account is owned by twins, Michelle and Lori. On this account, you will find professional tips on food portions, how to eat smarter, and exercise with certain body goals in mind. They also have a website by the same name that is full of skincare tips, lifestyle, workout routines, and other tips that will help you get your body on the right track.

You can also enjoy a good view of their hard abs while you are on the platform.

Arielle Says

Next up on the list, we have Arielle Calderon; an Instagram influencer who has amassed thousands of followers over such a short time. Her rise to stardom was via a post on BuzzFeed where she revealed to readers that people don’t have to only eat salads to lose the much-needed weight.

If you want to be wowed beyond expectation, we recommend that you visit the Instagram account. To give you some context of her work; using her tips, Arielle was able to lose 85 pounds without eating the highly-acclaimed salads and whatnot.

Power Cakes

If you are a fan of Instagram and health, you might have heard about this account before. Owned by Kasey Brown, the Instagram content creator is not only a personal trainer, but she is also an author. In addition, she has a blog with the same name that was voted by Self Magazine as one of the Top Health Living Blog sites.

Fit Men Cook

The life of health and wellness is not only for the ladies. Men also need to take care of how they look and feel. Kevin Curry helps men meet their goals through his account, Fit Men Cook. He mixes in gym workouts, healthy recipes, and travel goals.