Radio Frequencies and the Environment

The following section will explain how Earths atmospheric conditions are conducive to Radio Frequency Microwave heating. Much Radio Frequency heating occurs in the atmosphere and is carried down to the surface by normal convection. Similar to a blow dryer that heats the air and then blows it out towards an object. The atmosphere is heated and then carried down towards the Earth surface. Of course the heating is not extreme. The effects are from a constant flow of microwaves through the atmosphere creates a mild heating. This heating increases over a long period of time and is not by any means, instantaneous.

RF (radio frequency) atmospheric heating above towers!

You can see the heat generated from towers that emit radio and microwave frequencies by looking at the weather on Google. The below video shows the heat and temnprerature that is generated from the individual towers on Earth.

“Above NEXRAD RADAR towers, and above Microwave towers (radio towers)… the airports each have a nearby radio tower which handles local broadcasts — [see on climatviewer by turning on the FCC database.] full post with links to past events, and link to climateviewer here at

Atmospheric Convection

Atmospheric circulation diagram. (<a href="" target="_blank">Source</a>)

Atmospheric circulation diagram. (Source)

Atmospheric convection has to do with atmospheric thermodynamics. This is the study of heat and energy transformations in the earth’s atmospheric system.The atmosphere is in a constant circular flow of air. The atmosphere that is closer to the Poles has a smaller circular air flow. The air flows in the same pattern as the Earths magnetic field.

As the atmosphere flows, the cooler air that is on the top, pushes its way down. When it hits the bottom, it flows to the side, parallel to the Earths surface. Once the atmosphere flows into a convective core, the warmer air lifts up away from the Earth. The atmosphere keeps cycling in this way. This is how low and high pressures are created in the atmosphere, which is a determiner for forecasting the weather. Low pressure is anticyclone and high pressure is cyclone.High pressure leads to nicer days and low pressures lead to bad storms.


This is how the atmosphere flows. (<a href="" target="_blank">Source</a>)

This is how the atmosphere flows. (Source)

An important concept of how the Earth circulates the atmosphere, is the Law of Conservation of Energy.

“The law of conservation of energy states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant. A consequence of this law is that energy cannot be created or destroyed. The only thing that can happen with energy in an isolated system is that it can change form, that is to say for instance kinetic energy can become thermal energy.”(Source)

With this concept we can clearly see that the extra energy added to the atmosphere is converted into thermal heat. With the constant microwave frequencies passing through our atmosphere, it is easy to see how over a long period of constant use, the overall temperature levels could increase by a couple of degrees. Although this might seem insignificant, it is just enough to cause a conservation of energy that will lead to slight Global Warming or Climate Change.


Polar Ice Caps

Since 1979, the size of the summer polar ice cap has shrunk more than 20 percent. (Illustration from NASA)

Since 1979, the size of the summer polar ice cap has shrunk more than 20 percent. (Illustration from NASA)

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council,

“Average temperatures in the Arctic region are rising twice as fast as they are elsewhere in the world. Arctic ice is getting thinner, melting and rupturing. For example, the largest single block of ice in the Arctic, the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, had been around for 3,000 years before it started cracking in 2000. Within two years it had split all the way through and is now breaking into pieces. (source)”

This alarming rate of Ice Cap melting is causing adverse environmental effects. The wildlife in the areas that are affected are having to relocate, the native people are having to adapt, and the plants that survive in the Ice Cap climates are being threatened as well. Also, The Ice caps provide a flow of the Earths cold water currents and much of our fresh water supply.

According to,

Tropics receive more heat than the poles because: Sun’s rays are more perpendicular to the Earth and the cross-sectional area of Sun’s rays striking the earth’s surface is smaller at the equator. Therefore, the heating per square area is greater at the equator than at the poles.The thickness of the atmosphere that the Sun’s rays must past through is greater at the poles than at the equator. Therefore, more of the radiation is attenuated at the poles than at the equator.” (Source)

The sun’s rays are not a major contributor to the heating of the North Pole. All of the heating must be attributed to some other phenomena.


Earths magnetism

Earths rotation in a magnetic field is called a Dipole rotation. When positive and negative charges separate from each other, an electric dipole is created. A magnetic dipole, similar to a single looped wire with a constant current flowing through it, is a closed circulation of electric current . The Earth itself has a Dipole Rotation due to its electromagnetic current and its rotation on its axis


The Earth is an enormous magnet with a North Pole and a South Pole.

The Earth is an enormous magnet with a North Pole and a South Pole.

Atmospheric conditions change due to microwave signals passing through the Earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere. These effects change as the satellite draws closer and farther away. Because Earths atmosphere is made of water, Microwaves can pass through the water in the air and reach the surface of the Earth. Microwave frequencies can travel towards the North Pole through the Earths electromagnetic field. According to the department of energy,

“Plasmas are affected by magnetic fields: given cyclotron resonance frequencies and a directionality for conducting slow waves along magnetic field lines. Some very low frequency radio waves are strongly bent by the magnetized plasma surrounding Earth.”(source)

Radio frequencies are influenced by the Earths magnetic fields and the atmospheric plasma.

Ionospheric delay, also called “dispersion“, affects the ability for microwave frequencies to penetrate the Earths surface. Expensive receivers where developed to measure the different delays in frequencies to provide clearer signals. Humidity can cause significant delays in microwave frequency reception. Microwaves pass through the ionospheric and troposphere creating dispersion. Altitude causes a variable delay also. As microwave frequencies pass through less atmosphere at farther distances.


Dielectric heating

This is a shot of how Satellites in there orbit and in the vacuum of space creates a cavity magnetron.

This is a shot of how Satellites in there orbit and in the vacuum of space creates a cavity magnetron.

Electronic heating, RF heating, high-frequency heating are also called Dielectric heating.Click here for a great explanation of Radio Frequency Heating. Dielectric heating occurs when radio waves or microwaves heat a dielectric material due to dipole rotation. Two ways a non-conductive material can be warmed in an electromagnetic field are:

Electrical conduction: When an electrical current flows in an oscillating electric field, materials absorb energy as heat.

Dipole rotation: Polar molecules in materials will align themselves in an electromagnetic field by rotating in place. As the field alternates, the molecules reverse direction and create heat through friction at a molecular level.


This is a shot of how Satellites in there orbit act like a microwave oven.

This is a shot of how Satellites in there orbit act like a microwave oven.

Radio Frequency heating occurs as the microwaves travel through water molecules. As microwaves travel through water molecules, the molecules rotate. This motion causes friction producing heat. The satellite motion around the Earth is similar to the internal cavity magnetron which is located inside the typical microwave oven. Communication satellite microwave frequencies penetrate the atmosphere and reach the surface at high strengths. Even high enough for Satellite TV and Cell phones to receive high bandwidth signals. Some environmentalists claim that the microwave frequency mobile phones are harmful to human and animal health because of dielectric heating.

The (left) illustration, “Earths Atmosphere as a Cavity Resonator” demonstrates how satellites create a cavity magnetron in outer space. As the satellites rotate around the Earth, the earth spins in an apposing direction inside that rotation, creating a spinning style cooking chamber out of our planet. With the millions of devices on the Earth connecting to the satellites, the microwave frequencies are and an all time high constant level.

This is a close up of how the satellites react with the Earth as they rotate around our planet. The electromagnetic flow of the Earths magnetic field guides all microwaves towards the North Pole. Microwave frequencies pass through the ice, water, and other dielectric material on the earth and its atmosphere, causing a friction at the molecular level, which in turn creates heat. Eventually, the friction becomes so great and the added atmospheric convection maintains higher thermal temperatures, that the ice melts and the water increases in temperature at a gradual level. Outer atmosphere water could evaporate or accumulate at a improper rate. This could be the cause of our atmosphere ozone layer depletion.

Every satellite leaves what is known as a footprint. Each satellite footprint covers an enormous area of the Earth. When putting two or three satellites together, it is noticeable that eventually they will overlap. With the hundreds of satellites are sent into orbit, there are hundreds of enormous satellite footprints covering the Earth. These footprints overlap each other, creating a greater intensity of microwaves. Also, because of the electromagnetic field around the Earth, the microwaves are being guided towards the North Pole.