Electromagnetic hypersensitivity and Microwave frequencies

Another problem creeping up in the spotlight in regards to microwave and radio frequencies and the environment is human sensitivity. People are showing an adverse reaction to the radiation emitted from WiFi and other microwave emitting devices. Someone who is electromagneticly sensitive  contacted me stating,

Dear Mr. Richardson, I can appreciate your honest and very in depth insight on subject matter. I am in desperate need to find a honest and ethical scientist that is accredited in the field of non-ionized radiation biological effects, anomaly or phenomena in respect to sensory perception. I have a neuro-hearing dysfunction that enables me to audibly perceive microwave frequencies and I need it scientifically documented by an expert in the field with methodology. Please help guide me to an accredited scientist here in the US with referral. I need a honest, compassionate expert and I thank you very much for any and all assistance. I’m being tortured by guided wireless wire taps 24/7. Please help. Thanks again, Godspeed!!

A cursory “googling” yielded a result that there is a microwave sensitivity that can cause illness from microwave emitting devices called “Electromagnetic hypersensitivity.”

Suffering caused by WiFi, Cell Towers, Satellite TV Antennas, Microwave Controlled “Smart Meters” and more are become a factor in human health.

This medical condition comes in many different names.

Electrical sensitivity (ES), Electromagnetic sensitivity, EMF sensitivity, Electrosensitivity, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), Intolerance to electromagnetic fields, Electrical Hypersensitivity, microwave sickness, radiation sickness, radio wave sickness…..there are many different terms used to describe this condition.
Lloyd Burrell on August 4, 2012

There has been much research on the subject. The sensitivity comes in many forms. The waves can be weak or strong depending on the individuals sensitivity.

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe, from the UK defines an awareness and/or adverse symptomatology in response to even extremely weak (orders of magnitude below current safety levels electromagnetic fields of multiple types (in terms of frequency/intensity and waveforms) as electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
Electromagnetic Radiation: A Modern Health Hazard? – Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe – June 2016

See Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe full seminar on “Electromagnetic Radiation: A Modern Health Hazard? June 2016.”

There are also issues with the new Smart Meters that use a microwave transmitting to calculate the energy a person uses in their home. Check out the video below on how “Smart Grid/Smart Meters” can effect your health.

Beyond the environmental impact on climate change and global warming, the human health aspect of microwave transmissions should be taken seriously and looked into further by private companies, government officials, and health agencies across the board.

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