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Global Warming or Climate Change is caused by the use of UHF and higher microwave frequencies at an enormous rate. Greenhouse gases are not the cause of global warming and cutting Greenhouse gasses will NEVER stop Global Warming or Climate Change. The use of Microwave Radio Frequencies has a direct link with Global Warming or Climate Change. Microwave transmissions are causing RF heating on a global level. Trash satellites litter the space, there are many active satellites in orbit, and wireless companies are perpetuating their products by the millions, and everything is inclined to go Wireless. Cleaning up the trash in space and restricting the use of Microwave radio transmissions are the solutions to Global Warming or Climate Change.


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Origin of the theory


James Richardson, Author of Global Warming and Microwaves.

James Richardson, Author of Global Warming/Climate Change and Microwaves.

Prior to making this site I had little to no interest in the “Global Warming or Climate Change” issue. As a matter of fact, I believed the “Global Warming or Climate Change” was a hoax and was merely a political agenda passed on by radical environmentalists. It wasn’t until I was studying the Microsoft MCSE Exam 70-058 that I discovered, what I considered, a possible explanation for the Polar Ice caps melting. In the networking essentials book, they said that the connection on a wireless network was a microwave frequency. When I learned that, I was immediately struck with the notion that wireless frequencies could cause warming. I figured if the wireless connections were microwave connections, then with an enormous use of these connections there could be a significant environmental effect over a long period of time. After I came to that conclusion, I felt obligated to create this web site to see if others thought this way as well. I came to find out that there was another person who had this same concept. He is the author of “The Broadcast Theory” and is a scientist that is studying this subject.

Who am I?

I am no scientist, politician, or environmental wacko looking for donations. I am a simple web developer that came across the idea through studying networks. I ascribe to the Orthodox Christian Faith in Religion and am a Constitutional Republican Politically. Politics and controversial entanglements are not my thing. I believe that all people have a responsibility to bring peace between each other and to try to solve our problems regardless of religion or political affiliation.

Why I reject the other “Global Warming or Climate Change” Theories.

I have different reasons for rejecting the other Global Warming or Climate Change theories. The “Greenhouse Gas” theory was a subject I had in my college Geography class. Ironically, my geography instructor did not believe in the “Green House Gas” Theory for the same reason I explained on the home page. There of course is the solar theory that sun spots and radiation from the sun has increased. I don’t believe this theory on the theological grounds. God created the Sun to be helpful for life, not destructive to life. Then, of course there is the good old “Earth is going through another Jurassic Period” theory. This also is an absurd theory to me because I believe scientists are completely wrong on there dating of the Earths age. These so called periods that scientists claim happened are fantasy and belong in science fiction movies. This is like believing the Earth is flat. It is for these reasons I did not accept “Global Warming or Climate Change.” These theories led me to believe that “Global Warming or Climate Change” was a hoax.

The Purpose of this Site

The purpose of this site is not necessarily to get everyone to agree with my point of view; but, to get people thinking about solutions. Microwaves could be the solution, Microwaves and CO2, or some other thing not yet discover, or all of the above. Some solutions are far more complicated than just one answer. This site is set up to allow all people the chance to voice their opinion in any sense. I hope that people can come up with great discussions and not insult each other. It is ok for people to disagree and can stimulate better solutions. So, feel free to post your comments, start a discussion, respond to a discussion and pass this site on to others so we can inform each other and come up with real solutions that are not politically based or influenced by special interests. Thank you for visiting and have a great day!